Specialized Services for Energy Companies
EnergyExits manages the sale of your energy company for maximum value. We understand your industry, your profit centers, and the regulatory burdens you face daily. We operate discreetly and efficiently. Our sell-side process is highly proactive while maintaining a high degree of confidentiality. Our experience and industry expertise ensure that our clients maximize their proceeds and avoid costly mistakes. If you would like to optimize the outcome of your exit and your retirement contact EnergyExits. We are a high ROI service provider. We are not an expense.
Both active and would be consolidators in the energy distribution industry have far more opportunities to acquire than they have capital to deploy. EnergyExits has a proven track record of helping industry consolidators source the capital they need to grow and consummate strategic acquisitions. We know how to navigate the lender landscape. We source both senior debt and junior debt to help our energy industry clients fund continued growth, both organic and acquisitive.

We are strategic advisors – not salesmen. We work hard to earn our client’s trust and repeat business. Our professionals communicate directly at the ownership, President, or CEO level. We seek to develop long-standing client relationships by providing candid advice and superior execution. If you are an owner contemplating an exit plan, a capital formation plan for an acquisition, or if you are interested in learning how you can increase the value and marketability of your energy company years in advance of a sale, contact EnergyExits’ Founder & Managing Partner Doug Milner.

We Serve Energy Companies in These Sectors
The professionals at EnergyExits have deep experience in the petroleum marketing industry. We understand all aspects of your business; truck & trailer (wholesale fuel), bobtail (bulk fuel), wet-hosing, fleet card services, lubricant marketing, retail (c-stores), and even TBA. We know rolling stock, loaned equipment, and wholesale fuel supply agreements. We understand bulk plants, tank farms, and phase II site assessments. We know where your margins are robust and where they are slim. We know how to engage BIG OIL when it comes time to assign your supplier agreements. We get the big picture as well as the details. Unlike other consultants and M+A advisors when you hire EnergyExits you will not have to train us. There will be no learning curve. We get it.
At EnergyExits we understand propane marketers. We know how the value of your business is affected with each new tank your crane truck places at a new customer location. We understand how the value of your business is affected by the length of time you keep your customers. At EnergyExits we understand the trucks you drive, the equipment you use, and the margins you enjoy. And most important to you, we understand how all of this creates value in your business. Just like your petroleum marketer cousins, when you hire EnergyExits you will not have to train us. There will be no learning curve. We get it.
The professionals at EnergyExits have served a diverse portfolio of energy service and equipment companies. From petroleum & lubricant equipment distributors to oil field service and construction companies, from portable power equipment manufacturers to final stage truck manufacturers, at EnergyExits we not only understand your business, we understand your customers. We know the difference between a truck tank switchover and a refinery turnover. We understand fixed-price versus t&m. We know seconded employees and the benefits of a merit shop. We’ve done it all before. We get it.
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